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Salicylate Free Products

www.andrearose.com - Andrea Rose beauty and body products

www.cleure.com - Cleure beauty and body products

Salicylate Information
https://www.allergyuk.org/information-and-advice/conditions-and-symptoms/586-types-of-food-intolerance - fact sheet - asprin Intolerance and salicylates (which covers salicylates that occur naturally in certain foods)

www.fedup.com.au - food intolerance network

http://fedup.com.au/factsheets/additive-and-natural-chemical-factsheets/salicylates - salicylates factsheet

www.dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/salicylate-allergy.html  - products containing salicylates e.g. shampoo, sunscreen

www.lowoxalate.info/recipes.html - gives salicylate levels of food

www.salicylatesensitivity.com - on-line chat group UK
www.foodintoleranceawareness.org - division of Allergy UK

http://foodcanmakeyouill.co.uk - guide to food intolerance and allergy

www.MCS-aware.org - UK charity for environmental allergies with advice, information and forums about intolerances

http://www.mysensitiveskincare.com/salicylate-free-diet.html - good list of low and high salicylate foods, suggested suitable personal care products, plus information

http://www.allergyuk.org/skin-allergy/urticaria-and-angiodema?utm_source=smartmail&utm_campaign=e-news+2014-09-25 - uticaria and salicylates

http://www.return2health.net/articles/do-you-have-a-salicylate-sensitivity/  - article explaining salicylate sensitivity



Salicylate Articles

http://www.listener.co.nz/lifestyle/nutrition/the-salicylate-sensitivity-difficulty/ - NZ Listener "The Salicylate Sensitivity Difficulty" by Jennifer Bowden.  Published November 19, 2011



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