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Low salicylate restaurant list

Print this list and take it with you

Thank you for your help. I am allergic to certain foods and need to exclude them from my diet. Please don't use or add any flavourings, seasonings or garnishes that aren't on this list.

                                               I can eat:-

Bamboo shoots, brussels sprouts, green & red cabbage, celery, chives, green beans,
                                              leeks, lentils, iceberg lettuce, mungbean sprouts, old white potato (peeled), spring
                                              onions, swedes.    
                                              Ripe pears (peeled), canned pears in suger syrup, banana and pawpaw.
                                              CEREALS, GRAINS & FLOURS
                                              Arrowroot, barley, buckwheat, cocoa, cornflour, malt, rice, rice flour, rice cereals (plain),
                                              rolled oats, sago, soy flour, rye flour, wheat, wheat flour, bran flakes.
                                              MEATS, CHICKEN, FISH & EGGS
                                              Beef, chicken, eggs, fish, lamb, veal, bacon, ham, pork, salmon, tuna.
                                              DAIRY FOODS & SOY PRODUCTS
                                              Butter, cream, cheese, milk, yoghurt (plain, wholemilk), soy milk, tofu, miso, soy
                                              sauce, miso, tempeh.
                                              FATS & OILS
                                              Butter, ghee, margarine, (unpreserved,no antioxidant), sunflower
                                              (no antioxidant) canola oil (no antioxidant), soy oil (no antioxidant), rice bran oil and

                                              HERBS & SPICES
                                              Chives, garlic, sprinkle of parsley, poppy seeds, saffron, sea salt, spring onions, vanilla,
                                              soy sauce.
                                              JAMS, SPREADS, SUGARS & SWEETS
                                              Caramels, carob, golden syrup, malt extract, maple syrup, sugar, toffee, chocolate.
                                              Cashews (raw)

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Clever Cooking cookbook
Clever Cooking cookbook
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