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salicylate free recipe book

3rd printing 2016

Clever Cooking for Salicylate Intolerance is  only available as a printed book. Printed and bound in New Zealand, it has a high quality finish with front and back covers laminated so as to be wipeable if spills happen. When you are at the stove following a recipe, having the book open in front of you gives confidence in the outcome. None of the recipes are  complicated - they will delight your family and you can be sure there will be no salicylate 'hangover'. 
Salicylate Sally

Take a look

inside Linda's

Clever Cooking

Sally was born at the Ponsonby Art School in Auckland, where Linda attended cartoon classes for a year.  A real talent was discovered and Sally arrived, all set to go, but quite sick, with flu like symptoms - headaches, sneezing, runny eyes and always tired.  Not a life at all, until Sally discovered she was salicylate intolerant and found the answer in 'Clever Cooking' with low salicylate ingredients.

Linda has created lots of tasty, low salicylate recipes and is always working on new ones. She often posts some of her favourites here, on her blog. Other salicylate friendly tips are shared also. To make her life better she is always searching for products that are naturally low salicylate, or created with salicylate sensitive people in mind. Being able to share these finds with you makes Linda very happy.
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